Monday, August 18, 2008

The Planes From Hell

So this weekend I went away with one of my good friend's to Orlando for her mom's 50th birthday celebration. The party was really nice and I enjoyed myself, but getting there was the worse...

Our plane was schedule to leave on Friday at 7:30pm. Now the weather started acting a mess rain, thunder, lightning so we expected delays. So my moms checks Jet Blue's schedule and they said the flight was pushed back to 8:30pm, ok cool. So we get to the airport at 7:oopm

Now this is when the bullshit starts...

The flight gets pushed back to 9:30pm, ok we're still in chill mode. Then it gets pushed back to 10:15pm, ok fine. Me and my girl got happy juice (yup in the airport straight so that holds us up for a minute. They change our gate so we make a move there. Everyone is a big annoyed now. Flight pushes back to 11p then 11:30pm then to 12a.  Mind you the person at the desk isn't telling us shit, just sitting there looking dumb. The only way you knew anything is if you personally went up there and asked him. 

THen the flight gets pushed back to 5am, 5am I repeat. WTF!!!!! They hand out blankets and juice and bullshit ass crackers. I don't know what I would've done if I was alone I was annoyed and wanted to sleep. I have never been in the airport so long. We still keeping our composure then these numnuts tell us the flight is cancelled. Cancelled hold up, I know that is not what I am reading. I have been in the airport damn near 10 hours and they tell us the shit is cancelled, where's my gun?

So we get on line to get our money back while we wait some Jet Blue workers come and say "What flight are you cancelling?" I reply "Flight 43". The man says "Oh we have rebooked it for 6am, get your boarding pass". YIPPEEEE.!!!! We dont get to miss DKH's moms birthday. ONCE WE BOARD WE'VE BEEN IN THE AIRPORT FOR 12 HOURS. 


We took delta back and for the most part we were doing well. We got to JFK early about 30 minutes early, however we couldn't land. So we were in a holding area in the When the captain made that announcement I thought it was so funny. So we circling the sky for a good 30 minutes...arghhhh. Then we land only to not have a gate to park in. HOW EFFING NICE....not. So now we take a tour via airplane of JFK airport. Never did that before. We end up at some deserted runway which looked suspect ass hell and ended up staying there for another 30 minutes.

Then we get a gate but the plane is too damn big and the captain can't manually park himself. So we have to get towed into the gate which takes another 20 minutes. Finally we get off the airplane and ppl are taking forever to get off. LIke damn didn't you know at some point u had to have your shit packed why wait until 50 ppl are standing behind you.. Arghh some ppl are so annoying.

I'm home now, I never thought that was going to happen but I'm here. God Bless!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Got A New Boo In My Life

and his name is Collen Not only did he just win the gold medal in the 4x100 relay Sunday and set a new world record (making him the 2nd African American to win gold in swimming), he has a non-profit to help minority children learn how to swim.

So hes tall (6'5) , has a nice body, and gives back to the community...ahh shucks.....

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I Like Them As A Couple

While watching Luke's new show "Parental Advisory" on VH1 I decided to give it a thumbs up. His fiancee Kristin is 27 years old is doing the damn thing. . She is well educated and seems like a good match for him. She is well rounded but yet she helps him with his porn empire (what man wouldn't like that). I like her and I rarely like these dumb ass reality people.

So ladies you never know who you might fall head over heels for, that goes for the guys too.

I hope they stay together cause you know what happened with Nick and Jessica, Dave and Electra. Sometimes these reality show couples don't make it.

Monday, August 4, 2008

A Short Jamaican & Cranberry Juice

Disclaimer- (1) Identities have been masked to protect the innocent (2) I am a Jamaican

So Saturday night I attended an all white affair bbq bday celebration. All and all it was a great time with good friends, drinks and dancing.

Anyways, all was going fine until I got into it with this short lil Jamaican guy. Basically him and his other Jamaican homies had a bottle of liquor on the floor and some cups full of juice or alcohol on the FLOOR, like they were in a real club, just standing around the shit...anyway, I don't see the juice as I'm walking by and knock it over, which annoyed me because why the f do you have a cup of juice on the floor in the middle of where everyone is walking.

So then this short cunt comes up to me in his Jamaican accent and says "You drunk.... you look likyah drunk"

I'm caught of guard like "Huh, are you DRUNK?"

he repeats himself like he didn't hear me " you look likyah drunk" and then he gave me the rude boy pose just looking at me so I ignore his ass and he goes to the "bartender" (who happened to be my friend regulating the liquor) to ask for juice. I see that and I'm like hell no , so I wave to my friend and was like "Don't give him nothing".

He sees this and it infuriates him so he comes to me and says " Aye, what happened to you, me can go buy me own cranberry juice" and at this time I'm dancing looking at him and give him a smile like he is crazy cause I wasn't trying to have him mess up my fun and then I hear him saying to the people he came with"What happened to this lil' idiot gal here she don't know me can go buy me own cranberry juice".
LOL, which was hella funny to me not only because of his lil stature but because he got so angry about the cranberry juice. Anyways end of the story is he rants and raves and storms out the bbq.....stupid rass cunt....Lesson learned, don't mess with a lil angry Jamaican guy and his cranberry juice.