Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Been Gone For A Minute

I got my tooth pulled on Saturday and my whole grill was numb. I mean that had nothing to do with my typing skills lol... but I've just been in an aggy mood cause some of the right side of my face is swollen and I can't eat the way I want. But then again I have to lose 20 lbs by December so that may be a good thing.

I've just been working hard and doing the damn thing. One of my good friend's 25th B'day Celebration is coming up this Saturday so hopefully we snap some cute pics for all to see. She got a theme too, "All White", you know we can't end the summer without an all white affair...lol.

Let me know what's poppin... I'll be back

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Ok..any one who knows ME, knows I love Mexican food. There is this spot where I work called Baha Fresh..if you didn't know, now you do.. To me that ish is off the chain. I really order like 2 things but its fresh Mexican food that's a good price. The enchiladas are as equally gratifying as sex ...yeah I said it!

But I had some Taco Bell just now and did you know them mofo's got a 79cent 89cent and 99cent MENU! say word. They got some nacho shit smothered in cheese, that red sauce and beans for 79fingcents...you don't have to tell me twice. I think I'm about to get addicted to this shit yall...

Grass Is Always Greener

Can you relate?

When you have one thing you want another? or when one person is the "main event" in your life you are looking at the sidelines wanting the "sub" to come in? And when the "sub" comes in to play you looking at your "main event" like no I want you back in the game..............

I am such a fickle person. Sometimes I can't make up my mind about the smallest thing, its ridiculous. When I make a decision I always second guess myself and wonder if I should of chose the other option.

Is this a sickness? Is this normal? So dramatic right , lol.....

How am I ever supposed to be content with anything in my life when I am always wanting and wishing for something else or something more...sigh

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Damn I'm Losing Again

So I go on a diet or "heath lifestyle" change about every other month...haha. Im not a big girl but I just like to be in shape. When I was college I was a small lil thing but 3 years later its a bit of a different story. I stay motivated for a bout 3 weeks then I go back to my normal eating habits.

But a change gone come:

So I have a bet with my ex-boo(long story with him, maybe one day I'll touch on that) that I have to lose 20 lbs by Dec 20th. If not I have to give him 50 bucks and take him on a date to wherever he wants to go. If I do loose the weight he has to do it for me. But now Im thinking that my french fry eating ass shouldve upped the bet and asked for something like a trip somewhere.. DAMMIT man!

Now the issue is my moms and some of my friends think that 20 lbs is too much weight for me to lose. My moms said 10 lbs would be good or I will look strung out. I remember when I was in school my pops swore I had an eating disorder. No I love food too much to stop eating it.

Wish me luck, I have to make it. I can't let him beat me. If anyone has any tips on helping me reach my goal please let me know, any little bit helps.

Thanks Boo!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Question: Is This Sexy?

Ok, so I went to a party the other day and saw this guy there (exhibit A above).

When I saw him he had his sweater buttoned up but you could see the tattoos on his neck a little. But he must of wanted to get sexy for the camera and did a on the spot photoshoot before I left..lol

Now, I love some tattoos and all but WOW this is a bit much no?

Ladies, is this sexy? I mean it shows that he has a lot of tolerance for pain but also maybe crazy? I'm not sure. Its very creative and makes me wonder what kind of job he has cause I know he not walking around Goldman Sachs like that..lol

In any event, Ladies - Does all this ink make this dude sexy? Would you holler?

I can't make up my mind yet, I need some more time to ponder....hmmmm

Sunday, July 20, 2008

If He Was The Last Man On Earth

Which one would you pick? You have to reproduce with one of them. Remember, there is no running water, electricity, their money means nothing and the world is in ruins. So he would ultimately be your future baby father.

This was a tough call for me. I don't like to call anyone ugly cause you can find beauty in anyone and anything. I personally wouldn't date either but I am pretty sure there are thousands of girls who would differ.  

So if I was the last woman on earth and I had to choose between T-Pain or Lil Wayne as my King, I would have to go with Weezy. He already has the tribal marks so we already have a head start.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Gots To Be A Better Way

So I am sitting here at work once again wondering why I am here. I mean I know I'm here "to make a living", you know "get a check" blah blah blah but really why the hell am I here?

The work that I do here in 5 days I can really do in 1 or 2! but I have to stretch it out and appear to be busy cause that's what everyone else is doing. But wtf! really, why do I have to sit here and pretend to do work? or do work that is stupid and that I have no interest in??? I work in a tight lace corporate America environment, most people here have kids and spouses and its like they live their life to work. They wake up and go to work, hardly see their families, they don't have anytime for themselves to do the things they want, they get 2 measly days a week to relax and really we all know Sundays aren't that relaxing because all you are doing is thinking about having to go back to work on Monday.

Now I am very blessed to have a job when so many people out there are looking for work but on some real shit, life is not meant (let me talk for myself) MY LIFE is not meant to be toiling behind a computer pretending to do nothing. There has to be a better way! I don't want to work the best years of my life away. I will not be here much longer, you can bet the ranch on that one. I refuse to go out like that. Lil Mama loves her life now but I know I am destined for much more. So my possible escape routes that I have been plotting have been through entrepreneurship (Empressmag.com) and investing in Real Estate, none of the escape routes are even close to being usable but I am planting the seeds for them so that one day I can rely on these two things to set me free from this cubicle hell hole.

Any one else out there feel like me? And if you do, what steps are you taking to free yourself from the "rat race"?

Yet Again...

So I guess I'll share another encounter with the guy who made me vomit in my mouth, I'm keeping it short though. Its not good to focus on dumb things lol. I don't know why I pick up the phone or even call sometimes. I think it's straight boredom. One of those nights where you're tired and you cant go to sleep and you basically have nothing to do with your time.


We were talking through text and the conversation wasn't going well so he said call. So I did and he is very agressive on the phone at first, "you dont want to f*ck with me anymore, what kind of shit is that..blah blah". Well I didn't know we were item... wtf I just got bored writing this, I'm a mess...lol. I'll have to continue another time. This shows you how much he matters in the spectrum of things.

On another note: This is so far left

Abu Dhabi a nation within United Arab Emirates now has a 90 percent stake in the Chrysler building. They are building so fast out there they will have a Guggeheim Museum wtf!, a NYU campus, they may have the world's most expensive hotel at 3 billion dollars and ppl my age (21- 30) make around 180,000 US dollars tax free. Why? you may ask, because they sit on 10% of the world's oil. Look at how much you can learn if you watch the Today show for 2 mins in the morning.

So do I move to Abu Dhabi and start anew or sit here making crumbs for 8 hours a day?

Friday, July 11, 2008

Answer This?

- If you could choose between "good" dick on an ok man and a great man with an "ok" dick who would you pick? (you have to choose one)

- If you could choose between a career that paid you enough to live simply (budgets, coupon cutting and all) but was exciting and a career that paid you enough to buy and go whatever and wherever you desire but was boring which would you pick?

- Would you rather be married to a poor man who provided you with pure love and consistency or married to a rich man that provided you with security and adventure?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

I Realized...

1. That it is hard as hell to Blog at work. Why the hell can’t the Blogger dashboard look like an excel sheet lol. I have to close my window so much because a coworker or my manager is always on the creep.

2. That you won’t always do what people want you to do. Your human you’re going to do things that may seem wrong to others but who cares at the end of the day, you have to do you. Everyone will always have something to say but I’m finally coming to a point in my life where I actually don’t give a damn.

3. That I get annoyed easily. Not mad or upset but annoyed. Annoyed at the fact that men don’t give up their seat for woman on the train, that my sisters always get the same weave (damn can I see yall in a different length one day, surprise me). Annoyed that I have to wake up 7:05 in the morning 5 days out the week, then at 7:30am on Saturdays to get my hair done just to leave at 6pm, or if I do it myself it takes 2 ½ hours of blood sweat and tears. Annoyed that people talk when obviously I’m not listening. I can go on for days.

4. That one day my apartment will be finished and I can finally move in. I’ve been trying to move in since March but management companies are dumb.

5. That I love those who love me. I have a good family, a fly ass crew and one day I’ll have a mate that will adore me. Sometimes I think he only exists in my dreams but one day he’ll appear.

6. People get out of pocket and you need to put them in their place.

7. I need to hit up South Beach before the year is over. Ooh how I love that damn place.

Monday, July 7, 2008

July 4th / I Love Money

So July 4th took off. At first i was a bit nervous about where I would end up but everything turned out ok. On Saturday we even crashed a bbq. Suprisingly, I never did that before and I was a bit nervous. Shoot, ppl in Brooklyn are crazy and people get shot for less. But it was cool. Then another bbq we went to got shutdown by the 'jump out boys' and they took all the liquor. So you know the bbq was definitely over for me when that happened.

Next topic...

VH1 needs to stop! I Love Money was wack to me. The funniest part was when Midget Mac's dumb ass couldn't get off the boat. That was hilarious, I was really wondering who the hell was going to get him. I'm just tired of these hasbins trying to stay in the spotlight and why is Hoopz so diesel. Her body is nice but she looks like she'll knock a nig out. I didn't like the way Midget Mac attacked her calling her a ho' and all, mad disrespectful. You have daughters jerk take it easy and you have a baby mother too. Talking about you spending 50g's on the strippers lol.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Pics From Itallian Night

All of our dishes

My Dish- Casserole

Sha Sha's Dish- Chicken Marsala

All of us about to get our grub on, everyone has the serious face

Damn son theres enough for everybody

Getting Full?

I am

Still cute though

Sha Sha

This is what happens when you mix tequilla with white wine

You start posing on the floor

Goddammit somone help me up!

But we still manage to vogue it out

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Lil Sister Moments

My liltles sister is only 11 years old yet she has a blackberry curve, her own lab top and a social life that is more poppin that mines. Not only is she just a fly lil kid but she has a 95 average at the honors juinior high school she attends and is President of the Junior Beta club. She dances and swims competitively and she is funny as hell. I just can't wait to see the type of woman she becomes and if she is even a fraction of what she is now then the world better watch out. Anywhoo here is a IM convo we had the other day (yes this lil child is on IM, I didn't even know what IM was until I was in highschool...LOL..kids now-a-days) By the way I CAN SING!!lol

---------------------- 12:26 pm ----------------------
Shain3: jamila i jus noticed that u and rihanna look alike
jweezy: No we dont
jweezy: Lol
Shain3: yes u guys do its not even da hairstyle but da face
Shain3: exactly alike adinas at my house and she says da same thing
Shain3: twins
jweezy: No way
jweezy: I look like kelis
Shain3: adina said u do so let me c
Shain3: da only difference is u cant sing lol
Shain3: u look like both of them
jweezy: Lol
jweezy: I can sing
Shain3: lol u r kindin right!!!!
jweezy: Lol
Shain3: ur at home
jweezy: Yes but I am about 2 leave
Shain3: where r u goin
jweezy: Out n about
Shain3: oh k peace love and sisterhood lol i crack my self up
Shain3: bye milla
Shain3: jemi
jweezy: lol
jweezy: By shaina baina
Shain3: luv u
jweezy: Love u 2

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Dating Story 1: Vomit In My Mouth

Yes, I am single and boy do I have some stories to tell but thats another day. So recently I've been talking to this one guy, I met him through J-weezy's boyfriend (his crew and me, a whole 'nother story as well..lol)

So me and this guy, lets call him Jamal, have been on two dates. I won't front I enjoyed myself but there were no vibes. Meaning he was someone cool to hang out nothing more nothing less. My friends kept saying give him a chance, cause to be honest from the jump I wasnt really feeling him. But hey I dont have a man, Im hungry so why not fill my stomach.

But this sentence is where it all went downhill, "I want to lick you all over". EXCUSE ME!!!! Who the F are you talking to? Now I have been "nice", hardly drunk and I know better than to text while drinking. So on a drunken night he texts me that. First that just showed me you can't 'hold your liquor', man up. Secondly, you have no control. Like ill.

I let him know it made me feel uncomfortable and not to do it anymore, but then this ass did it again. It turned me off so much I believe I vomited in my mouth. He sealed his future with me, meaning there was no future. So the hunt for my boo continues ...