Saturday, September 27, 2008

In The Club

I went to the club last night. Its been a minute so I thought I was going to be able to let it loose and drop it like its hot. But I have some issues with the club.

1. Promoters- Stop!!!!!! Just cause our throwing a party does not make you this cool ass dude now, no your not Diddy sorry boo.  Also, please stop lying on your fliers. If you have open bar, have open bar dammit. I'm sorry one of the reasons I'm coming to this sweatbox is for a free drink. So when you say you have Hypnotiq and Nuovo open bar until 1AM, have it you dicks. I just hate when ppl lie. And why are all of yall at the door, move bitch get out the way. 

If you don't know, only one promotional team holds the weight and can actually tell ppl what to do. So when you see 30,000 names on the flier only one group is actually in control. So you other hanger-ons STOP.. thanks!

2. DJs- Are they still alive? WHERE DO YOU DJ? I don't want to hear 3 minutes of any song I can do that in my house. Please keep the ppl interested.  Can you play something in 2008, yes I am an 80's baby but I don't want to hear 80's, 90's music all night. And stop talking on the damn mic cutting up my jam (ahh 9's lingo oh well) I don't know what your saying you sound like your trapped in a damn closet talking into a styrophone cup.

3. Fights- Most fights occur when niggas can't hold their liquor. When yall start fighting you mess up my night because I have to run for and so is everyone else, so we all end up tripping over each other. 

To make matters worse a girl and guy got into a fight at this particular club, are you kidding me???? That was a straight bitch move and I hope the bouncers got it in with the guy. All I want to say is if you think you may fight count to 3 and walk away. Your not a punk your just smarter.

4. Guys- Its so weird I don't want to see guys in white tees but at the same time I don't want to see u in a collared shirt. I swear all the guys looked like they just came from church. No type of style going on. There are so many wack nigs in the club. Its not your fault you have to wear hardbottoms and a collar but come on get it together. No I don't want you, but I always like to see eye candy. The girls do it up so won't you give it a try.

5. Where is everyone going?-  Stop effing moving, where are you going. I can't even get a real dub in cause a B is bumping me or touching my back, trying to go where? I don't know.. Yet again, where are you going? I feel like I'm on a human carousel that won't stop..haha. Of course you don't have to stay in one spot but why is this the 25th time your passing me. Nothing  has changed within the last 5 minutes. The bar is still in the back and YES I'm still standing here. 

Sorry for ranting but it just pissed me off. I'm not giving up on the club plus I don't club as much as I did years ago so I know its different and maybe my expectations are just greater.

Ok, until later babes.


Jweezy said...


I agree with all of your points..especially the one where ppl have to keep walking back and forth...where are you goin? stay put....what the hell are you looking for? a pot of gold? a secret door to free liquor?

Yani said...

LMAO!! soooo tru...all ur points sooo tru...don't make no sense that all his pops off at the dang club i remember when it use to be clean ol' fun, dropping it like its hot carefree...ahhh the good ol' days, it will get better maybe it was just this club.

iCandy21 said...

pwahahahaha...all great club observations. this line took the cake, "And why are all of yall at the door, move bitch get out the way. " ahahahahaha im done lol. funny funny. i always have to get drunk b4 i go to the club so i dont get irritated...i be ready to knock the dog shit outta people who can't say "excuse me"...that shit pisses me off!