Monday, April 27, 2009

How To Get Over Someone or Something???

“Do what you feel until you don’t feel the need to do it anymore”

- At some point you’ll want to stop on your own and it won’t be forced, it will be easy. Flow with the current, not against it. People always look out for their own best interests, therefore when you come to realize in your own time that something or someone is not good for you or doesn’t fit into your life, you can stop and let it go and not miss what isn’t meant to be. - JWEEZY

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Sha Sha said...

I agree. People can tell you what they want but when you are ready to step away from the ledge, its your decision and only yours. Sometimes its hard when everyone you know has their own spin on what you should be doing.

There is a reason you are put into certain situations while figuring out this thing we call, life. Instead of denying something embrace it, because it happened for a reason.

So when a feeling you've possessed for so long finally goes away, you will know and it will be on your time.

Nobody knows you better than you.