Tuesday, November 4, 2008

OBAMA WINS!!!!!!!!!!

I'M CRYING!!!!!! I'm not the one for tears but this got to me.  Our first black president, do you know what this means. There is a black woman who will be in a white house who won't be a slave,  who won't be the help. Just years ago our grandparents couldn't vote and now we have a black man in the white house. Damn yall.
Oh Obama I hope there will be change and you will show us even more history making. McCain you gave him a good fight but Obama is the man. Now as I watch McCain speaking, I see the tears welling up in his eyes. But it will be ok, there will be change, there has to be CHANGE.

Young people there is no excuse anymore. With our first black president, there is not limit.

First people I spoke to: My Dad, DKH, JSM, DAG, CDA.  
Where was I: At home, in WB,  sippin on that...

I will never forget this day.


Anonymous said...

NOV. 4th around 10:45 11 ish is a moment i will never forget .. when they announce that Obama is the next elected president of the USA.. my heart was filled with so much Joy and pride.. IT IS TIME FOR A CHANGE..


Sha Sha said...

DKH you didn't see no damn tears lol. Always lying.

Eb the Celeb said...

I think anyone will ever forget this moment... I finally feel like our generation has a story to tell... 2009 cant come soon enough... Change is surely going to come!

Anonymous said...

I was drunk..just got home from an Obama Party in Downtown Brooklyn... I was with my bf and he was half way sleep- I woke him up and we both smiled.. Oh my! What a night! I still feel like it's a dream.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to say..
The above post from the one and only DAG!

Anonymous said...

to say that obama made history by winning the election would truly be an understatement. living in d.c., i was able to see firsthand how many people from all backgrounds this man has touched. people were in the streets just partying and celebrating, but there was no violence; everyone was just happy and rightfully so.

i am very proud of that brotha for what he has accomplished and he has a beautiful and supportive family which makes things that much more special.

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