Sunday, November 23, 2008

Holla At Me

Damn I haven't blogged since Obama won. What the hell!

Why is it a Sunday and I'm sipping? Oh well, such is life.

So this weekend was a bit slow. Friday I went to one of my favorite restaurants in Bklyn..oooh how I love that place. If they didn't cost so much I would go there every week.

Went to a reggae party on Friday and suprisingly it got crowded pretty early (1am). I was surprised because all the Jamaican parties I usually go to, I take a nap in the corner by the wake up at 3am when everyone shows up. Sorry, I get to the club before they start charging. I don't see the purpose in paying unless it's someone's birthday or Christmas uhmm maybe even Thanksgiving.

But this was the cool thing about this particular party. I was able to sneak a water bottle of jesus water into the spot. They weren't checking bags when my homegirl and I walked in. Then I thought, let me see if I can get that bottle in here. 

I walked back to the car. sidenote: Don't you hate when you have to sneak into your own damn car cause there are so many other ppl waiting for a park that when they see you pull out your key they are on your ass. "you leaving", they'll ask. "Nah", now please move on because I'm by myself and yall look suspect as hell. I put an empty water bottle into my purse along with the Jesus juice as a decoy. I walked into the club and the bouncer said "open your bag" and he saw the water bottle, but low and behold mama had the alcohol in a secret compartment. I got in with my juice, I'll def be returning there again.   

Why was that the highlight of my night...lmaoo. Saturday was chilled, finally picked up my dinner table and just chilled with the parentals. Anywho, how did your weekend go?


Anonymous said...

My weekend was cool.. um, I did the exact same things you did.. so not much else to say..

Yes, the reggae party was cool.. and I'm happy you decided to take one for the team and go back and get the happy juice..holla!


Da Hunni Toya said...