Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Love Stuck

Love , Emotions, Relationships - so weird, so unexplainable, so not easy!

The only law is the law of the heart
Follow your heart, be free
Experience what life has for you
Most importantly, be honest
If your relationship is real,
It will bear the strain and


Or what about being inexplicably drawn to someone for no rhyme or reason. Ever have that feeling?

I think we are drawn to the light that we can recognize in each
other, shining in its own unique way.
Every person is unique, therefore
every relationship is unique.
We are magnetically drawn to others who we
sense are on a similar frequency to ourselves. We feel a kinship with them, and
I think somewhere deep down, being able to relate to someone awakens the memory of Oneness, and we long to return to this Oneness again.

1 comment:

Sha Sha said...

I wonder sometimes if agreeing with our heart is just a scapecoat from agreeing with your brain? or vice versa.

When it comes to my relationships agreeing with your heart is the best, until it goes downhill and your brain kicks I think we sometimes we just trick ourselves into believing we are supposed to be with someone or not. Trust your mind is the most powerful thing you'll ever have.