Sunday, February 22, 2009

Happy BirthMonth To ME!!!

So I know its been like forever since I blogged (and lets not talk about Sha's lack of blogging) but here I am........owww

My birthday was earlier this month (Feb 6th) to be exact. And no lie I started celebrating it the end of January and it ended last night.

First event was the ski trip. 11 black people, 1 fly ass cabin, maddd bottles of liquor, a outdoor heated pool and jacuzzi..... do you even have to ask? It was amazinggggg. We as a group decided that we need to go back to this at least once a year.

The Ski Cabin

Highlights of the trips: Playing drunk hide and go seek in the house 4am, the dance contest where my team for sure won, the freestyle battles where I got eathered by this epic line "fake Adidas sweats with the tight shirt"- lmao , the football game in the heated outdoor pool, when it started snowing while we were in the outside jacuzzi. Aww man- sooo many memories.

The next weekend which was my actual bday weekend, I went to a reggae spot with the bf, it was a celebration for Bob Marley. Bob & I were born on the same day, I often joke that I'm the reincarnation of him.. That Friday (BdAY DAY) i was off work and decided to take it ez, went to a hibachi restaurant with the bf and then to a posh bar in the city , Flatiron lounge. Cocktails had me niceee. Then went home and drank bubbly till I fell

Next day went out to eat with the mom and went to see In the Heights on Broadway. Every year my mom takes me to see a Broadway play for a birthday, we have been doing that since I was 16. So this year made it the 10th year...awwww

After that my friends and I got together and chilled in my media room. Got GIFTS , ate pizza , DRANK and made our way to the clizzub. BUT thats when the bday celebration took a turn. We got pulled over for my friend having dark tints on her window, then the punk ass cop claimed to smell liquor in the car, next thing I know they are hauling off my homie in the police van arresting her. Can you say WTF! So basically the rest of the weekend was spent trying to bust her out of jail. Monday morn she got out and luckily she didn't get charged with a DUI or anything serious but we def. all learned a valuable lesson from that one.

That drama had my friends and I re-do my bday celebration, so last nite the homies and I went out again. We had fun, there were a few mishaps again but f' it , I rung in my 26th bday in style. More things happened but this post is mad long and I'm getting


Marcus LANGFORD said...

Looks and sounds like you did things up for your bday. And happy belated! My oldest brothers bday was Feb. 4th :-)

Jweezy said...

Thanks marcus for the bday love!. Aquarius in the

Alecia D. said...

It's all about Capricorns..but happy bday anyway!!!

P.S. the best memory has to be the America's Next Dance Crew Dance Contest at the Ski Cabin. Good Times!!!!