Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Let Me Get Deep For A Minute...

Right now in South Africa, men are committing corrective rapes against lesbians. What the hell is corrective about rape? It shouldn't even be in the same sentence. 

Anyway, gangs of men are going around raping lesbians, with the thought that they will become straight. It supposedly shows them what they are missing. Dick, I guess is the best thing since white bread (whatever). It's HORRIBLE. Africa not just South Africa, needs to get it together, I'm sorry. They are over there raping women so easily. 

Rape is wrong in any country and victimizers should be punished. 

Check out this video and see how deep it is:


Anonymous said...

You're right! Rape in any sense is wrong and it's not up to any man to decide if a woman should like penis or not.

What the heck with folks in Africa!? They are so self-destructive in that country!

yani said...

Ignorance...just plain ignorance...for those men to think that raping a woman is going to make them "straight". Its so unfortunate that those women have to live under those conditions and no one is helping them...i mean if they don't agree with it then just don't agree with it, don't go out and hurt them...its all about power if you ask me and lack of support from law enforcements. I hope things get better