Sunday, October 19, 2008

Magic Pt 1- "I'm Ready"

The text came through and hit Kailah like a ton of bricks "I want you back" . She couldn't believe what she was reading. After 6 months the guy who she was trying to forget, the guy who she was working on erasing from her memory just threw a monkey wrench in her rehab process.

She stared at the words in disbelief.

Tony never had perfect timing, he always chose the wrong time to speak up, the wrong time to come back. She was happy now, happier with Mike than she had ever been in a long time. Things at her job were going great, she was working her way up to be the number one candidate for the next round of promotions, she was going to the gym every other day and getting her body more toned and healthy than ever, she even began to forget about him.

It was the first time in a couple of weeks that her mind forgot that a guy named Tony ever existed, that a guy named Tony was able to take her heart without even trying and without even caring.

Mike and Kailah were on their way to a night on the town. He had just picked her up and surprised her with flowers. After all these years he still knew what to do to make Kailah feel special. "Thank you sweetie, your so sweet" and she kissed him lightly but passionately on the lips before he drove off.

While Kailah wanted to stay focused on the beautiful warm summer night and all the fun she would have with Mike, she couldn't stop thinking about the text she just received. I'm not going to text back she decided. He doesn't mean it, he probably meant to text someone else, Tony would never text me that, she kept repeating in her head until she almost believed it.

Her phone vibrated again, she looked down, it was another text. "I know what your thinking but your wrong, I mean it and I'm ready, when can I see you?" ...

( 6 months earlier)

"Do what you want to do, he prob really loves you" Tony said matter of factly. Kailah stood their in disbelief. "That's all your going to say?, well, How do you feel about me?" she said.

There was silence, "Look, I told you already where I stand, so its your choice to make"

She wanted him to say something else, to tell her that he loved her and that he would be the man she always knew he could be. " I know its my choice but I just want to know how you feel about me, you never tell me, you don't show me, how am I just supposed to know?" Kailah said.

"Kailah, I care for you so I want you to be happy besides your looking for me to recite something from a movie, its not going to happen, you know who I am, you know what it is, if you have to question it then you should go back to what you know"

She wanted to yell "I WANT TO KNOW YOU, I WANT YOU" why couldn't he just see that.

Instead she said calmly "Look, I know who you are and I tried to accept that, I really did. You know I really like you, more than you know, I'm willing to take the risk with you and step out on the ledge, with you, if you can just look me in the eyes and tell me your willing to step out on the ledge too"

He paused looked at her and shook his head, instead of pulling her into his arms he looked away. "I really can't stay much longer, maybe we can discuss this another time." he said. He towered over her as he reached his arm out to hold up her chin, she was fighting back the tears, he kissed her on the cheek. "I'll call you later today" and he walked away. He never did call, she didn't hear from him again.....


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