Monday, June 23, 2008

Enjoy Being FREE!

Ok, so in Sha Sha's last post she talked about hanging out with her friends and talking to them about being single and how the most of them had boyfriends....Yup you guessed it, I was one of those friends telling her to enjoy her single life. Basically I have been dating my boo, man, other half for 6 years, yes you read that right, 6 YEARS! lol (we had a few breakups in that time but for the most part have been together). We met freshman year in college and I didn't know what hit me. Honestly, I was never one of those girls who wanted or needed a man, never understood how people so young could be so serious. So you can imagine how weird I felt being smitten with a dude so young and in my prime ;) - I was only 19.

Now while I don't regret finding love so young I do often have moments of un-clarity such as "What the hell am I doing, I'm too young to be so serious, What else is out there, etc" I have grown out of most of those thoughts as I have matured and have also dated other guys in the time when me and my honey were broken up.

But nonetheless its is very much different being 25 and single and being 25 in a long term relationship. I tell Sha Sha all the time to enjoy her singledom, to love not having anyone or anything to answer to (not that I do, but when your in a relationship, you have to think about the other persons feelings and be respectful to a certain extent). She can wake up every morning with infinite possibilities of who she will meet, she can go on tons of first dates and get the jitters and butterflies of now knowing what will happen.

Our dating patterns have been 100% opposite, I have been in a relationship and she has been single for the past 6 years of our friendship. So we both see the good and bad to each side. For the most part, I just want her to be happy being single and to enjoy it because when she does meet "the one" she won't have any regrets or thoughts of "Have I dated enough ppl, I'm too young for this, etc" She will know when she meets "Mr Right" because for her she has dated so many "Mr Wrongs".


K@LiENTe said...

I feel ya Jweezy, i myself was on lockdown for 4 years, the first 2 were the best, after that it went downhill, we had a child and broke up right after he turned 1. i later found out that he had cheated on me our whole relationship (except when i was pregnant...whooo right?) so anyways now i am single and loving life although i do get lonely at times, i'm content with talkin to whom ever i want! i eventually want to be married but i too, don't wanna have any regrets. Sha Sha, when he comes into your life you will know but just don't put up with no bullshyt, if u ain't happy..let it go and do what truly makes YOU happy! good luck to both of y'all!!!!

karrie b. said...

note taken homegirl.


Sha Sha said...

You are exactly right, I'm just going to have fun before I finally find my prince charming.

Kaliente I totally agree with not taking the BS. That has been the story of my life and I need to write a new book.

K@LiENTe said...

KB!!! lol

SHa Sha- girl I FEEL YOU!! why do we do that??? but it's good we realize what we have done and we LEARNED from that enough to know what we don't want and DON'T EVER make someone fele like you are being too picky, because that's when u end up settling for less and you aren't happy, DO U FOR NOW ! we all deserve the best..don't worry we won't be single forever!!! :)

K@LiENTe said...

**don't ever let someone make u feel