Thursday, June 26, 2008

Yellow Cabs Drivers Can Suck A C*ck

Now I'm not talking about all yellow cab drivers but most of the ones in NYC are assholes who have no respect for other drivers or people on the road!

I'm driving minding my business going to work this morning (about 1hr late, but that's besides the point) and this cock of a yellow cab driver just comes over in my lane without looking so my right side bumber and his left back bumper meet.

This rass has the nerve to look at me like I caused the accident. So I'm yelling at him like "Why the f' didn't you look before you change lanes, pull the f' over".

He pulls over and gets out of his cab acting as if he doesn't know what is going on. I ask him more calmly why he didn't look before he changed lanes and I tell him I need his info.

Now those who know my car know that old Betsie has been through a lot, I have a couple dents here and there, a bunch of scratch marks and my hood is not the same black color as the rest of my car (but again that's neither here nor there, I digress). That does not mean my baby should get disrespected and scratched up.

The only visible signs of my car from his cab was yellow paint which all together isn't that bad because I can always use a buffer to get it out. But I was still pissed. I also realized that I didn't have time to stand and argue with this man over something that wasn't that serious, I didn't feel like calling the cops to do a police report or getting insurance involved so I made him admit it was his fault (cause at first he said it was mines) before I drove off. Anywho the point is yellow cab drivers can suck cocks, they drive as if they own the streets and now they are trying to take over my Brooklyn streets. All I know is that he is lucky that wasn't my future range rover or benzino, ooh girl we would of had problems. But its all good, things could of been worst and I made it to work late but safe.


dorianne said... are gangsta on the road aren't you??? I'm glad you made it out safe and sound!

My boo is a chaffeur also ..and even though he's my boo- he still drives like a jerk..that must be a requirement to get a TLC license in NYC...lmao

smooches- DAG

K@LiENTe said...

tell us why u mad son!!! lol but nah that sucks

Eb the Celeb said...


Jweezy said...

@ dag, yup gangsta in my lil ole

@ kali, i could go on ranting for days!

@ eb, thx!