Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hard Times At Douglass High

Ok so I have cable with HBO.. I'm not bragging but I do..lol. Which allows me to catch some great documentaries, cause you know HBO is Fire.

Anywho last night I watched "Hard Times at Douglass High..." and it was good. It documented kids from an inner city high school in Baltimore and the many challenges they faced. At first it just felt like these kids didn't give an F. Well let me not say that, cause with parents, motivation and a sense of worth any kid can make it. But these kids were just trying to survive. There were 17 yr old ninth graders, kids who played in the hallway and almost every girl they spoke to had a baby. I was at a loss of words.

One part that really got to me was when the basketball team lost their championship game (or some important game) and the team captain went on a rant on why kids sell drugs or play ball. That the man is just setting them up to fail, that they will end up spending their lives in prison. Yes, I do feel school systems in the inner city are definitely not equal to the school systems in the suburbs but when do you start taking responsiblility for your own actions. When do these kids stop blaming other ppl for why they are 30 in the 10th grade.

My first instinct was to feel sorry for the teens and I could empathize with a few of the kids they showed. There weren't many books for them to use, the school was understaffed and most teachers weren't certified. But then I got a second wind and my view changed. I couldn't feel bad for them after a while. In life you have choices and you are the only controller of your destiny. So if you want to act like an ass in the hallway instead of sitting in class learning something, so that maybe one day you can make something of yourself, thats your fault. If you think a wicked jumpshot or selling crack is going to get you the hood, then you need to get a life. The man is never going to root for you, cause its easy to keep you down, so don't let them.

I also wanted to run through the school with a belt acting a fool cause they were BAD.

You can learn more here http://www.videoverite.tv/pages/filmsmain.html


K@LiENTe said...

"Ok so I have cable with HBO.. I'm not bragging but I do..lol."


And that doc sound depressin but you are right about not feeling bad after a while, but when kids feel like nobody gives a fukk about them, they start not giving a damn, sad but true. that's all they know unfortunately

Jweezy said...

I don't have HBO! what you trying to say. lol. F the movie channels thats what Lifetime is for.

Brigitte said...

I forgot to tape this. Thanks for the reminder :)