Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Two Sides of Jweezy: Sample Argument

The Positive Jweezy says:
I love my life, I am truly blessed. I have great friends, a man that loves me really loves me, great health, a supportive mom, an awesome lil sis, I own my own place and am about to own another, a job that pays the bills, I can go on for ever but...

The I don't care I want what I want now Jweezy says:

Why do I have to sit in this dumb ass cubicle from 9am to 5pm and pretend to do work that I can do in 1hour, why do I have to smile at my stupid co-workers when they pass me in the hallway, why do I have to do work that don't really mean ish at the end of the day, urgh! It's so nice outside, I want to be free, I want to be in another country backpacking and seeing something new, I want to be on South Beach with Superman or Call a Cab in my hand , a large one! (wet willies drink, for those that don't know), I want to sleep until I feel like getting up, I want to do something everyday that makes me happy. You know they say the goal in life is not to be happy but to find something meaningful to do , to not be bored. I just don't want to be bored. Im 25, these are the best years of my life, I don't want to waste them in this GOD DAMN CUBICLE! dlkfwdknsdfk

The Positive Jweezy says:
Relax and think about things, are you really wasting your life? Stop being so dramatic. Everything you have ever done has lead you up to where you are at this very moment. This job you hate so much has allowed you to own you own property, B! you about to own another, ish aint that bad obviously because if it was you would find a way to quit, move on , escape. Some people don't even have jobs or a career, don't even have a place to call their own. Life is good.

The I don't care I want what I want now Jweezy says:
Yeah Life is good but Life is short, too short to be stuck in this cubicle!

The Positive Jweezy says:

O shut the F up, find the everyday joy's in life now, you don't have to wait to quit your job to do it. Happiness isn't a place or a setting, its a state of mind. Learn to work with what you got. The universe is perfect, it is cause your exactly where you need to be at this very moment.

The I don't care I want what I want now Jweezy says:

URGH, ok ok you won this time miss goodie two shoes...but I'll be back....


Sexxy Luv said...

Did you take that computer with your laptop? I have one just like it, It was kinda freaky! lol

You are a very balanced woman from what I read.

It's human nature to have those thoughts and +Jweezy is right, If it was that bad you wouldn't be there or doing what you are doing. :)

Thanks for stopping by! I'll be back to visit!

Sha Sha said...

Jweezy that was a long convo with yourself lol. Let the nice Jweezy win.

Yani said...

ha ha ha...I have convo's like these with myself all the time... But your right there is a bigger picture to your madness...everything is perfect and is the way it should be...and Stop yelling at yourself...and you better not start talking to yourself out loud or i'm going to have mad

K@LiENTe said...

LMAO, u crazy!!! haha but yea it be like that sometimes mamaz, we all have our days!

Jweezy said...

@ sexxy luv, yup I took the pics with my friends Mac labtop, I think Ima post more because they are all a bit freaky. Come back soon ya hear

@ sha yeah positive Jweezy won this battle (for now)

@ yani , sometimes i talk to myself in my head and then I realize my lips are moving and that I'm actually talking to myself out loud.. LOL..does that make me crazy?

@ Kaliente agreed!

Yani said...

It depends how often do you catch yourself talkin to yourself out