Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Pics From Itallian Night

All of our dishes

My Dish- Casserole

Sha Sha's Dish- Chicken Marsala

All of us about to get our grub on, everyone has the serious face

Damn son theres enough for everybody

Getting Full?

I am

Still cute though

Sha Sha

This is what happens when you mix tequilla with white wine

You start posing on the floor

Goddammit somone help me up!

But we still manage to vogue it out


Sha Sha said...

The pics are FINALLY here!!!

LMFAO @ us. Oh my, my hair but oh well its summertime..haha. Yes, once the liquor is in the system ain't telling what will happen. I think I had about 5 homemade margaritas, so you know there was more liquor than mixer in there. i had fun that night, great food and friends + liquor, you can't lose.

Y when girls get drunk we all think we're models? lol.

dee said...

OH MY that was a night .. LOL .. awwwwww its great to have good friends..

Jweezy said...

Fun times, the food was off the hook! I'm telling yall, next time we need to invite some peeps and charge $5 bucks a plate...LOL

K@LiENTe said...


OKAY so i'm mad because that food looks good as hell and a bish is did y'all actually cook those dishes??? it looks like y'all had a blast! y'all know i'm stealing your idea right???? Y'all r too cute!!! i'm loving what i can see of the house, i love hardwood floors:)my girls and i had 2 crab boils last month and we downed some beers and had a good time talkin...but yea this Italian thang is good as got!

Yani said...

he he he...we were going hard on the food man! We were all soo hunger but at the sametime overwhelmed with all the food. Some even brought tubberware to take food but it was a fun night and lots of liquor in the system...can't lose man. Can't wait till the next dinner.

Alecia D. said...

@kaliente! thanks for the house compliment girl! I;)

The food was good though!! When is the next night? Let's get it poppin..but not at my house..j/k!

Jweezy said...

Yup Kaliente we cooked all them so far we did Mexican nite, Thai nite and Itallian nite... we got a few more to go...

K@LiENTe said...

No pron Lecia

dang @ Jweezy, that shyt looks like it came straight from a resturant!!! lol

Meanshots22 said...

omg. that look like some shit straight from the olive garden. yall jacked them and tryed to play it off like yall cooked

Ms. Jones said...

I'm going to have to snatch that idea..the food looks delish!! The pics are soooo priceless too lol

i.can't.complain. said...

so, u know u aint right for those food pics, right?



Sha Sha said...

Olive Garden has nothing on

But we definitely think this a good idea for you and your girlfriends. Food and drinks you can never lose, plus its a great bonding experience.