Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Damn I'm Losing Again

So I go on a diet or "heath lifestyle" change about every other month...haha. Im not a big girl but I just like to be in shape. When I was college I was a small lil thing but 3 years later its a bit of a different story. I stay motivated for a bout 3 weeks then I go back to my normal eating habits.

But a change gone come:

So I have a bet with my ex-boo(long story with him, maybe one day I'll touch on that) that I have to lose 20 lbs by Dec 20th. If not I have to give him 50 bucks and take him on a date to wherever he wants to go. If I do loose the weight he has to do it for me. But now Im thinking that my french fry eating ass shouldve upped the bet and asked for something like a trip somewhere.. DAMMIT man!

Now the issue is my moms and some of my friends think that 20 lbs is too much weight for me to lose. My moms said 10 lbs would be good or I will look strung out. I remember when I was in school my pops swore I had an eating disorder. No I love food too much to stop eating it.

Wish me luck, I have to make it. I can't let him beat me. If anyone has any tips on helping me reach my goal please let me know, any little bit helps.

Thanks Boo!


Ticia said...

I have been following a meal plan - I have lost abt 15 lbs in 8 weeks -

Sha Sha said...

How did you do that?????? What meal plan???? I need more..lol. Please advise

yani said...

You can do it...if you can't do it, nobody can!!!

lol..nah but i think 15lbs is ideal for you. But I def think you can do the 20lbs by Dec. make sure you do cause u know u not going to want to give that man $50 of your hard earn money...

Alecia D. said...

google: weightloss for idiots
I tried it in college and lost weight quick! It promises that you will lose 9 lbs in 11 days and you can eat alot of good stuff too..you just have to follow their meal plan. I'm about to get back on it again.. you feel like you're always eating..and no strenuous exercise necessary. They just ask that you walk at least 30 mins a day! It's worth a shot!

P.S. I agree- if you lost 20 lbs I wouldn't want to hang out with you anymore..lol.. nah, I would, but I think that would be way to skinny. 10 lbs should do the trick!

Anonymous said...

best wishes in your weight-loss goals and maintaining a healthy lifestyle; that is always important.

if you want to effectively lose 20 lbs. without lookin' like amy whinehouse in the process, then you definitely need to exercise effectively. then you should stick with a high-protein [1 gram per pound of bodyweight] diet that will help you to build and maintain lean muscle mass so that you can burn the fat. drink at least a gallon of water per day and supplement your diet with a good multi-vitamin tablet that is rich in vitamin c and other anti-oxidants. make sure your foods are lean cuts of meat [chicken, fish, red meat] and vegetables for a great source of fiber and essential vitamins/minerals. these are the basics for "healthy" weight loss and losing 20 lbs by december 20th should be a breeze honestly.

:::Marcus LANGFORD:::

Sha Sha said...

Thanks for the site. I will definitely check it out. If you stuck to it then I def know I can. I'm shooting for the 20lbs boo if I look like a crackhead I will def throw 10lbs back on @ Alecia D

You broke it down for me. I def have to get the multi-vitamins. I drink a lot of water now but I'll def shoot for a gallon a day. Damn thats a lot of water. Thanks for your advice @ Marcus.

Jweezy said...

I think you will look fine if you lose 20lbs, i dont think thats too much because i knew you back at your college weight.. i'm sure you can do it..if you start to look 2 crackheadish...trust me I would tell you..lol

Ticia said...

Well, I am drinking lots of water

NO starches
Lots of fish, chicken, salad - you know - the good stuff! LOL