Friday, July 11, 2008

Answer This?

- If you could choose between "good" dick on an ok man and a great man with an "ok" dick who would you pick? (you have to choose one)

- If you could choose between a career that paid you enough to live simply (budgets, coupon cutting and all) but was exciting and a career that paid you enough to buy and go whatever and wherever you desire but was boring which would you pick?

- Would you rather be married to a poor man who provided you with pure love and consistency or married to a rich man that provided you with security and adventure?


Sha Sha said...

Ill go with ok dick. He can always eat the

the next two are tough calls.

I would choose the exciting job. As long as Im not struggling.

I may go with the rich man, cause poor ppl just create more poor people..haha.

Jweezy said...

LOL @ sha

I would go with the ok dick cause after a few years dick is just dick...

I would pick the career with money to do whatever I wanted cause I would find a way to save, invest and do my own ish after a couple yrs but at least I would be driving in my Range Rover and taking trips to wherever I want on the weekends...

I would marry the poor man and cheat with the rich man until I get me and my poor boo out the but I would prob marry the poor man and hustle to make my own self

Jweezy said...

you know what f' it, i take that back I would marry the rich man...

dee dee said...

OK for the first one i would choose great guy ok dick.. after 10 yrs.. all dick becomes matter if it was great in the begining..
2. I would pick a boring career that paid me well.. i would rather have the money to do what i want.. i cant be a coupon clipper all my life.

3. I would marry the rich man..and then cheat oh him with the poor man so i can have best of both worlds.

K@LiENTe said...

-ok D...all day!

-as of right now shiiiiiiiiid i would pick the career that pays...fuck being bored LMAo money is everything!

this last question is hard...i don't want no poor man but dayum i mean is he tryna come up..LMAO i prolly would pick his ass tho hopefully he would win the lottery or something!


I love your blog!

I would choose a great guy with ok sex BECAUse, I guess that what becoming 28 will do for you, I could always teach him something you know!

And I would want an exciting career that just paid enough, because my happiness PRICELESS.

I would love to be married to a Rich man that provided me with a security and adventure...that broke and in love ish, will make you crazy (literally)

Most excellent post!

n0days0ff said...

id take the rich job any day cause after saving in a couple years you could retire and wouldnt have to work anymore anyway.

id pick the love over the sex cause the great sex no love might cheat on you.thats why you have all the great sex you can handle before you get settled down.