Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Yet Again...

So I guess I'll share another encounter with the guy who made me vomit in my mouth, I'm keeping it short though. Its not good to focus on dumb things lol. I don't know why I pick up the phone or even call sometimes. I think it's straight boredom. One of those nights where you're tired and you cant go to sleep and you basically have nothing to do with your time.


We were talking through text and the conversation wasn't going well so he said call. So I did and he is very agressive on the phone at first, "you dont want to f*ck with me anymore, what kind of shit is that..blah blah". Well I didn't know we were item... wtf I just got bored writing this, I'm a mess...lol. I'll have to continue another time. This shows you how much he matters in the spectrum of things.

On another note: This is so far left

Abu Dhabi a nation within United Arab Emirates now has a 90 percent stake in the Chrysler building. They are building so fast out there they will have a Guggeheim Museum wtf!, a NYU campus, they may have the world's most expensive hotel at 3 billion dollars and ppl my age (21- 30) make around 180,000 US dollars tax free. Why? you may ask, because they sit on 10% of the world's oil. Look at how much you can learn if you watch the Today show for 2 mins in the morning.

So do I move to Abu Dhabi and start anew or sit here making crumbs for 8 hours a day?


dee dee said...

sit here and make crumbs.. cause i will disown you if you move to the Emenies camp ground..

Jweezy said...

WTF..how you get bored telling us the story about weirdo man...LOL

I would move to Dubai except for they have some crazy ass laws so I might get arrested the first hour out there...

so i guess we just sit here making crumbs together :/

Sha Sha said...

LOL. our Arab brothers need love too @ Dee Dee

Yeh I can see you getting arrested Asap, dropping the F bomb or something in the aiport lol @ Jweezy

K@LiENTe said...

LMMFAO, i feel ya:) WTF is in the water???