Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Grass Is Always Greener

Can you relate?

When you have one thing you want another? or when one person is the "main event" in your life you are looking at the sidelines wanting the "sub" to come in? And when the "sub" comes in to play you looking at your "main event" like no I want you back in the game..............

I am such a fickle person. Sometimes I can't make up my mind about the smallest thing, its ridiculous. When I make a decision I always second guess myself and wonder if I should of chose the other option.

Is this a sickness? Is this normal? So dramatic right , lol.....

How am I ever supposed to be content with anything in my life when I am always wanting and wishing for something else or something more...sigh


Yani said...

Oh my I can seriously relate to this...SERIOUSLY

This is normal for me but hey I'm a dramatic person so what can I say..

The way I look at it is I'm a very emotional up and down kinda of person sometimes I base my decisions on how I feel at that moment so if I'm happy I feel like i'm making the right decision even if it may not be the right one and if i'm sad or annoyed i make a decision and it may or may not be the right to me its all a gamble sometimes...but seriously I do put into thought what decisions are best for me, sometimes i do feel like the whole "main event" analogy and I just have to look at the bigger picture to everything instead of basing my decision on my right now feelings...does that make sense?? But anyway my point is i can relate i feel like this every other day...depending on the will be ok your a smart girl...and smart girls make smart decisions and you don't then take it as a lesson learned.

Ticia said...

I use to be like this - with growth and time - I have realized how to live a content life - and to love every minute of it -

You don't want to send a signal to God that you are ungrateful and unpleasing -

So, I rest in being content and knowing the Lord is in control -

Sha Sha said...

If you always want what you dont have then you'll never be completely happy.

I dont like to be indecisive about things, you either do or you dont. So when I find myself confused I hate it.

The main event and the sub may play the same way but the coach conditioned the main event and taught him how to play the way they want them too. Well thats how I think atleast. Everyone is the same its all about how u train them that makes them different.

Fickle ppl are Why would I want to take a gamble with a fickle person? My ass may loose. @ Yani & J Weezy

Jweezy said...

@ yani yeah i totally feel what your saying. I always look at the bigger picture and sometimes these thoughts creep is what it is

@ ticia yeah I am very content with my life but just wanted to vent on what really goes down in my mind sometimes...I have always been like this from picking out juice in the supermarket to my dating life. But my homie the Lord knows whats up and I always know the spot or place I am in is where I'm supposed to be.

@sha sha you kind of lost me with the coach part but its ..I dont think anyone likes being confused (except for me maybe lol ) My mom always says I make myself confused on purpose..which may be true who I think I used the wrong word to describe myself, its not fickle because I am very stable person its prob that I analyze or think about things too much..

Sha Sha said...

yeh i lost myself with the coach thing too. LOL

Anonymous said...

i think as humans we all share this complex; it's almost natural. it is almost like a "do i want it or do i need it scenario. i am not too sure it is bad to feel the way that you do as long as there is some type of balance.

:::Marcus LANGFORD:::