Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Gots To Be A Better Way

So I am sitting here at work once again wondering why I am here. I mean I know I'm here "to make a living", you know "get a check" blah blah blah but really why the hell am I here?

The work that I do here in 5 days I can really do in 1 or 2! but I have to stretch it out and appear to be busy cause that's what everyone else is doing. But wtf! really, why do I have to sit here and pretend to do work? or do work that is stupid and that I have no interest in??? I work in a tight lace corporate America environment, most people here have kids and spouses and its like they live their life to work. They wake up and go to work, hardly see their families, they don't have anytime for themselves to do the things they want, they get 2 measly days a week to relax and really we all know Sundays aren't that relaxing because all you are doing is thinking about having to go back to work on Monday.

Now I am very blessed to have a job when so many people out there are looking for work but on some real shit, life is not meant (let me talk for myself) MY LIFE is not meant to be toiling behind a computer pretending to do nothing. There has to be a better way! I don't want to work the best years of my life away. I will not be here much longer, you can bet the ranch on that one. I refuse to go out like that. Lil Mama loves her life now but I know I am destined for much more. So my possible escape routes that I have been plotting have been through entrepreneurship (Empressmag.com) and investing in Real Estate, none of the escape routes are even close to being usable but I am planting the seeds for them so that one day I can rely on these two things to set me free from this cubicle hell hole.

Any one else out there feel like me? And if you do, what steps are you taking to free yourself from the "rat race"?


Sha Sha said...

"I will not be here much longer, you can bet the ranch on that one"-funny.

Sometimes I look back and think wtf. I left a better paying job but further commute, to work in advertising at a way lower rate but I have health insurance now. Renting renting let alone buying a place is a hell of an issue. All to make my career go further. A career where I'm still not happy and still thinking about where I should be in life. Well atleast I can wear what I want to work but thats not a real perk.

So empressmag.com, designing and one day when I have some damn money (and it will happen) real estate will pop off. I always wanted my own boutique hotel. So goals will become my reality, I have no choice. Working in a cubicle isn't what my life is about.

Ticia said...

You sound like a lot of peeps -

Yet - I praise the Lord for coming in everyday..and knowing in two weeks.. my amount will be blessed - LOL -

K@LiENTe said...

i feel ya-my plan, takin my azz back to school..it's the ONLY way out!